Monday, January 8, 2018

A 500 metre walk home

My son has entered a new phase in his life where he has to take public transport home after school.  Last evening, he asked for ear buds so that he could listen to 'stuff' on his last 500metre walk home from the public transport station.

While I have ear buds for him, I am also mindful of how digital media is a significant part of his life - hence a suggestion came for him to use this short walk to communicate with God.  One of our prayers should be to Thank God for... ...  Some of the things to Thank Him include
1. Thank God for the trees that line the route home so it's cooler for us staying in the tropics;
2. Thank God for our safe country/ city so that even when mommy comes home late at night, the roads will be safe
3. Thank God for the heavy downpour to cool our otherwise super-hot weather
4. Thank God for the teachers in school - we spoke about how difficult it is for teachers these days with children who are glued to the phones, and parents who are demanding.

I am so Thankful to God for this conversation.  It reminds me to check my own heart and just before I complain, I ought to be Thankful.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Angry Bird?!

While looking through some apps this morning, I came across Notey - which is attempting to transform how blogs can be searched.

One discovery project came along - to find out what kind of 'angry bird' I am by answering a few quizz questions.  The outcome - I am the Black Bird "Bomb" - who's modest, adaptable and loyal, a fighter for the little guys and with a strong sense of justice.

My next discovery will be to be a different bird...  after 30 seconds - and random responses, I was Red.  The write-ups are all positive... hahaha!

Dawn on me as to whether such simple quizzes make us who we are - they certainly don't.  And yet, why the draw to respond to such quizzes?  My thinking is:  it allows us to read good stuff about ourselves, and feel good. In fact, none of the birds, I reckon, has anything bad about them in the description.

Has the world been transformed to a place where we have to seek affirmation from the digital world?  Are we unable to provide honest, yet positive feedback, in a sincere way, that is edifying to the hearers?  Or perhaps we are too impatient to share the details; or too impatient to listen to the details. Maybe we just want to cut the chase and come down to three bullet points with no need for elaboration.  Did we lose our ability to listen, think and digest and go indepth?

What turns out to be a fun, mindless activity is beginning to transform to something more grave with food for thought.... hmm... hmm....
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Sun Felt closer

This is one day when I was able to pick my daughter from school before the sun set.  As I was leaving the school compound, a BIG orangey-red sun was sitting at the horizon.  The view was indescribable! As I was driving, I couldn't and shouldn't whip out my hand-phone to snap a picture of the scene.

My daughter was helpful and had her camera on standby mode, so that when we next see mr setting sun, she could help snap shots and shots.  Alas!  Staying in a concrete jungle, we could see the tinges of orange hue and all, but not the real thing :(

We tried to drive around the area for a clearing, but by then, mr sun had shied away and what was left were shades of orange, pink and of course, blue since nightfall was just round the bend.

I am glad my daughter has the initiative to have her phone handy, and of course the extra time in the car given that we were chasing the sun.  I always enjoy my time (one-on-one) with the kids, and always Thank my God for his grace and blessings.  May the children learn to shine brightly for Him too - like mr sun - even without seeing the sun, we know his presence is just around the corner.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why are we not reading IT

Over dinner the other day, my daughter started asking me about things to come - such as having a sign before we can transact - things prior to the Second coming of Jesus.  As I probed a little more, I understood that she was trying to clarify with her classmate that while we know that His return is near, we cannot pin down to a specific date... For some reasons her friend was so certain Jesus will return in a couple of months.

They decided to ask the teacher - who is also a believer.  But the later was unsure and asked about her references.  When my daughter mentioned the Bible, the teacher was also unsure.  Her comment to me was: I didn't know people don't read the Bible.  Sadly, this is so true,

We take our God for granted... We go to Him when we need help, other times, we will only drop by and say 'Hi' and even so, we are distracted with the notifications from our phones or devices.  Is it a wonder why we do not lead transformed lives and make a difference in the world?  I am guilty too - how many times do I rush through Quiet Time to just have a 'check' that the duty is done for the day? How much of a day's time do I spend in prayer only? Really very disappointing.... Thank God for his patience to wait for us... This we shouldn't take for granted too... Life has to change... Priorities too...

Sunday, April 24, 2016

10,000 steps

Its Sunday again!! And I am looking forward to my new weekly regime of walking around my mum's place. Rather than go on a pretty usual route, I decided to take a random path.

This day I came across a path that would bring me below a highway and beside a body of water.  I witnessed how vehicles, concrete, nature and hobby can all co-exist. Managed to break my momentum by whipping out my camera and snapping a quick shot before continuing my walk.  Below the highway is a body of water and teams were trying their hand at rod fishing. Some children were playing by a playground nearby. And many of us were either jogging, (brisk) walking or cycling along the foot path.  

The time of the day was great - post 5.30pm where the day is cooler.  Finally - a great achievement for me - I crossed 10,000 steps today and completed some 5.2km in about 48min!

Surely a motivation to maintain the 10.000 steps regime and 5km target for weekend walks.  What a great way to spend Sunday! :) 

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Spirit prays

I had some issues recently where I felt I was caught between a rock and a hard place.  Frustrated that the issue had unfolded in such a manner and given the history of how previous issues unfolded, I felt the path would lead to the same outcome.

Yet I was trying to cling to God and more like - submission rather than resignation, to a possible lesson He has planned for me.  In my prayer, I was also uttering my frustration and also unable to even know how to pray and what to ask for... But I had the assurance that the Spirit agonizes for me and prays for me too. This was certainly an assurance.

The issue has gained some partial clarity - not totally out of the woods.  I am witnessing changes to the events around the issue and am digesting the marvelous ways God works - when it all pans out, I believe this will be a stone for me - to inscribe an experience with God, and my lessons learnt as a result.  God is faithful and we are asked to submit and obey Him... Praise God for His patience too! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Taken for granted

I didn't realise how high the mercury level has risen to - just knowing that the surrounding seems so so warm.  Recently when I was in Yangon, the temperature rose to like 37 degrees celsius.  We were literally sweating even when we were standing still!  Our team leader shared with us that the mercury level can potentially rise beyond 40 degrees celsius!  My guess is even with a ceiling fan, the wind that comes out from the blades are likely warm air.

So it was similar for us yesterday.  Temperature reading was like 36 degrees celsius and this was like past 4pm!  Cannot imagine what the hottest time of the day would have felt like.

Being so warm, I too, yearned for a cold cold treat - so after we had parked our vehicle, we got a slurpee.  I tell you, it was the best beverage that day - the cold feel in the mouth, and letting the iced fluid sit in the mouth for several short seconds beyond letting it down the throat and cooling the passage way as well.  

Some things just cannot be taken for granted for.  As I sipped the cool cool drink, I am reminded of the people in Yangon who have less privileges than us - yet they survived.  I have to not take our privileges for granted, and where possible, and where moved, to be more aware of how to sponsor/ support our fellow human folks in other regions nearby too.

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