Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Soft Spot for the Pioneers during the Durian Season

So, the durian season is here again!  I have walked by durian stalls many times but never bought any as the queue was extremely long.  People will choose between the 猫山王 durian (literally translated to "Cat Mountain King" otherwise deemed the premiere durian for its fragrance and texture) or the D24 or the generic $10, $18 types.

Finally on this Sunday afternoon, I noticed there was a much shorter queue at the one and only durian stall at Stirling Road (blk 167), and naturally I joined the line.  Before me was an elderly gentleman (probably late-70s) who waited patiently till his turn came along.

When the durian seller asked him what he wanted, he stated that he had been a regular customer of the stall and today he wanted only 1 durian - the $10 one.  Now I have observed people buying like 3 big bags full of durians, so to buy only 1 durian is really not a common sight.  I guess the seller also noticed this...

While our durian seller looks like a tough and rough guy, he actually dissected a $10 durian and an extra durian.  Without charging the elderly man any additional fees, he handed the buys to the man with great respect, and collected only $10!

It was a very deep experience to have witnessed such acts of kindness - if we all can be deliberate in ONE good act a day, we will definitely make the day a better day for our benefactor :)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Our experiences and impressions of places are based on the service standards of the staff.  And this is so true!

The family decided to check out an unfamiliar restaurant - Gion Dining. We made our reservation using the Eatigo app and had a great offer!  One of the things we share with the children is to seek out good offers - this is to enable us to raise kids creatively by stretching the dollar further.

When we were comfortably seated in Gion Dining, we were quick to notice the fine ambience, the quiet music, and the e-menu that was set in place.  Shortly after we placed our orders, the service staff came by and mentioned to us that the set meals were not part of the Eatigo offer, and he just wanted to confirm with us our orders.  It was not the fact that he came by that made an impression, but the manner in which he spoke with us, that left a good impression of the restaurant!

Of course we changed our orders and the food came by pretty promptly.  A satisfying dinner, fresh sashimi, great rice sets, good tea and great service!  We will be back and will make more bookings using the Eatigo app which enables us to check out many more restaurants.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Free fall experience

School's out for a while, and we were looking to a short family holiday when this incident and accident happens.

This afternoon, Nat decided that he was going to be helpful by sweeping away debris from our roof top.  He decided to climb over the balcony, and going onto the corrugated fibre glass (somewhat worn out) roof to sweep away debris and leaves, so as to minimize possible clogging of water after a heavy rain.

We were not within visual contact with him and actually, we didn't know of his 'adventure'.  The next thing we heard was a LOUD thud and a yell followed by cries and wails.  The first sights we saw was him clutching his elbow and saying 'pain pain' and a big gaping hole on the roof. Before long, Nat said he couldn't see!

A&E was our next stop where Nat was less than co-operative with the doctors and nurses who wanted to take an x-ray of his elbow and head.  By which time, he was frantic and vital signs were not looking good.  Being totally helpless, I could only raise my urgent urgent pleas upwards. It took quite a while to get him to wear himself out and kind of dozed off.  In those short, precious, critical and quieter moments, we had the x-ray and MRI done.  

When the report was ready, we were so relieved to know that the swelling on his head was superficial.  The elbow, however, needed to be 'fixed' in a cast for the next few weeks.  By the time mid-night rolled along, Nathan was stable, but still - no ability to see.  Given that he fell, he was also not allowed to sit up nor get off the bed till when another set of doctor has reviewed his condition.  We had to 'train' him to use the urinal - and boy, did I feel his agony and frustration trying to command his brain to execute an action that is foreign to him - to pee lying down! Thankfully after many tries and several hours later, he finally relieved himself!  When the nurses checked his eyes, they assured me that his eyes are ok and that he would not be visually impaired from this fall.  As a mom, I am only certain when I hear it from Nat - and that was at 2am!  Thank God!

I am so grateful for the medical care workers at KK Women and Children Hospital (KKWCH) for their commitment, responsibility and care.  It will remain THE hospital for me where all things children and women are concerned.  

Thank you again!

Saturday, July 11, 2015


As our nation celebrates her 50th birthday, the Jubilee Year, we have much much much to be thankful for, and areas to continue working on to be an even better nation!

Some 51,000 of us gathered on 5 Jul 2015 at our newly opened indoor stadium where there was
1. a Prayer for our Prime Minister 
2. gave thanks for leaders who were blessed with wisdom and unity, and who led our city state to where we are today;
3. continue to ask for wisdom as our current leaders are tasked with leading us into the next 50 years and
4. bless the next generation - those below 35 years of age, as they will have to stand up for what is right and continue to hold our flag high.

May we be the Antioch of the east and bless the nations around us - 
1. with generosity (not to only look at building bigger, better houses for ourselves only);  
2. with grace (to thank those who have left their homelands to help us build our homes, to take care of our homes, and take care of us in our public transport, public hospitals, public places);
3. with patience (when we travel to their land, to hold our tongue and know that they may operate at a different pace than us)

As I reflect on the 3 hours that we spent at the Jubilee Day of Prayer, I can still feel the goosebumps when we lifted our voices in unison - this, to me, is a prelude to what will be in when we see our Maker face to face!  :)


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lessons from the Hospital

An elective  operation confined me to my mom's home - no complains as I get to be taken great care of.  Mobility is an issue, and I am prepared to slowly gain full independence in due time.  There are multiple thankful moments as I get to do things slower and thank God for the lessons stored during the process. 

One such lessons includes:

- knowledge of the eventual outcome, but the patience and focus required in waiting. 

This happened in the hospital while I was awaiting my session with the Physiotheraphist.  Despite knowing that they would come and get me, impatience sets in when their schedule was packed and they could only pay me a visit post lunch.  Madness sort of set in then... it was a good reminder there and then that I know Christ will return, but certainly not according to my time.  Yet during the waiting time, I have to continue to be focused on waiting, and doing what is necessary and not be driven to madness due to my impatience.

I am certain this lesson will stay with me for quite a long while to come... :)

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Giving Thanks ... reminder too

It's the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) season again... and Lydia is going to take the exam in a matter of days.  As one who had gone through this horrendous examination many moons ago, I have difficulty imaging going through this tough period... not to mention the standard has gone up, up and up.  Math questions are beyond whiz kids of my era... why do the examiners set such tough questions? 

Year in year out, parents question the purpose of setting tough questions, yet every year such tough questions continue to get tougher...

Lydia was disappointed with her results and was shaken too... Seizing the opportunity, I had to share with her this EQ and IQ principle... I thank God that our kids are normal - they play, fight, quarrel, read, sleep, eat well... though their results are not great, I am thankful that grades is NOT the end in itself, but likely a matter to testing one's determination and perseverance.

While sharing with Lydia on the importance of EQ, I too, am reminded of this qualities too - even as an adult.  That EQ comprises of also the Fruit of the Spirit - Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfulness and Self-control (Galatians 5:22-23).

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Friday, July 30, 2010


We started keeping pets recently - 2 hamsters to be specific.  Just a couple of days back, my neighbour (who also has 2 hamsters) decided to go for a holiday and hence asked us to take care of their pet hamsters while they are gone. 

Before I know it, Rachel shared that her classmate was giving her yet another hamster for her birthday!  I didnt think it was real, but boy! when I returned home last night, I was 'welcomed' by a sight of 5 hamsters!!! Sheesh... I felt that we have a mini-zoo here or something.

After getting over the initial shock of being invaded by hamsters, I felt that it is pretty therapeutic just watching them run around and nibbling on their food and even sleeping.  If only life for us is simpler.

I also reckon having hamsters help the kids to learn some responsibility as they have to change the bedding every now and then, maintain contact with the hamsters, and feed them.

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